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I finished my last full week of cisplatin and etopiside and I am beyond happy. But I am still fighting nausea. My stomach has a constant blah feeling. I'm taking my nausea meds and trying ginger pills. Any advice that has worked for others. Also how long after completion of chemo does this start to go away. I am ready to feel like myself again

Bryan sent you a hug.
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Hello Ashley, Try the puffy little peppermint candies (not the hard candy) - I found them to help; also there is a Moravian spice cookie that's paper thin and amazingly they really help with nausea. Sounds odd I know, but I was so desperate I was willing to try anything.
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I know about nausea!!!!!! I had cisplastin and rad together for 6 weeks! The rad was also on my stomach due to lymphnodes. It made me so suck that I lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I was even hospitalized for it. So let me tell you the meds work to a degree and then , in my case , it stopped working EXCEPT for compazine suppositories .... Gross I know but it worked!
Thanks for all the advice. I gave in a started taking Ativan when it gets bad. Now that I'm done treatment I'm just ready to feel better and move on. It's just not happening as fast as I would like. One day at a time
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One more to go

So I have one more cycle to go. Starting Wednesday I begin the end of this nightmare. Most days I'm fighting nausea and I have days when I just feel sad. So all and all I can't wait for this to be over. Now I have to face the next nightmare, the worry if it will come back. I'm only 31, how will I not worry about this the rest of my life. I'm also havin a hard time dealing with those friends who disappeared during the hard times. How do I let this go, how do I forget. All I want to do is just move on from this whole thing.

Bryan threw a punch at your cancer.
Donna, Bryan sent you a prayer.
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Ashley, What you say over yourself has life-changing power. Your word have power over every situation you face... Speak life.. I am healed ( Isaiah 53:5 ) I will have a long life ( Psalm 91:16 ) these aren't just some man- made positive confessions.they are faith-filled confessions of your higher power's goodness in your life. Your health, relationships, your family --every part of your life is impacted when you learn to speak faith Faith- Filled words on a daily basis.
You can live at rest because it's already been ordained, you are healed.. Amen means yes and god's promises are yes and amen in your life.
I'm in the same quandary as you, being on surveillance and was wondering if it'll come back years down the road; but I no longer live in fear of that : I am favored (Psalms 5:12 ).. These simple words will allow you to walk w/o fear . Ian right herewith you believing and praying that cancer out of your body. Although I know the healing is already taken place.. Live,Love,Laugh...

As far as friends who disappear during these trials in our lives. They don't know what to say and haven't the foggiest notion of what we're going through... this is truly a walk in my shoes event.. Accept them for who they are and surround yourself with positive energy filled person/ thoughts, etc. you can get through this, just believe ...
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Oh Ashley....I`m so sorry more cycle are nearing the end...stay strong....As for the `friends`...well now you know they are the fairweather kind...which are 10 a penny as we say here....dont you waste another moment thinking of them....they simply are not worth your time....

Love Amanda XX
Blessings Ashley - although the worry the cancer will return never leaves, it does lessen with each day - I promise. It's been 3 years since my diagnosis, 2 since the end of chemo. In the beginning it was almost a constant worry & knowing the statistics for recurrence scared me tremendously. However as time has moved on I've found I worry less & less. I think once the 5 years of doctor visits ends it will be easier to live without the dread. The "friends" who bailed in your time of need - well some people just can't handle illness, and the word cancer simply scares the heck out of everyone, so give them the benefit of the doubt. However, the ones to treasure are the friends, relatives and co-workers who stood by you during this nightmare. One more thing, be sure to mention the nausea to your oncologist, there are way too many meds to help for you to face it on a daily basis. You are not in this alone & are having the same feelings the rest of us have had or are still having. I'd like to urge you to check locally for a support group or one person who has had cancer/chemo of any type with whom you can compare notes. We didn't have a support group in my area, but I have a friend who is a myeloma survivor who saved my sanity. He knew what was down the road for me & his help was invaluable. It's not an easy journey we have been given, so I've tried to look upon mine as an adventure.
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